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· One min read

Excluding mobile or desktop devices

It's now possible to exclude a specific device type (mobile or desktop devices) from device verification. You can find this setting in the application policy.

This might be useful when you want to slowly onboard your devices or want to add XFA for a limited usecase to cover a blind spot.

· One min read

Expanded password manager support

We've expanded our support to the following (browser-based) password managers:

  • 1Password
  • Avira Passwords
  • Bitwarden
  • Dashlane
  • Dropbox Passwords
  • Enpass
  • LastPass
  • NordPass
  • PassBolt
  • ProtonPass (Chrome & Firefox only)
  • iCloud Passwords (macOS only)

· One min read

New onboarding

When connecting for the first time with an application that uses XFA to verify device security, the onboarding page will now include:

  • branding of the organization
  • estimated duration of the onboarding process
  • application the user is connecting to
  • data shared with XFA and the organization (and related privacy efforts of XFA)

· One min read

Insights on devices that skip onboarding

We've expanded our insights to include users/devices that used the 'I'll do this later'-button when an application policy still allows it.

This allows administrators to manage their gradual onboardings better while not impacting operations in any way. You can always turn make device verification mandatory by disabling 'allow users to skip device verification' in the application policy.

· One min read

Improved devices overview

We've improved the devices overview to now include more information about the device, visualized with clear indications about its security status.

· One min read

Added password manager check

We've added support in the desktop browser extension to detect installed password managers, to push the recommended practice of using a password manager to store unique passwords.

Note: The security check is not enabled by default, but can be enabled by the user (or by request of the organization).

· One min read

Antivirus and screenlock check

2 new checks are now available:

  • Check if antivirus software is installed and active to keep your device safe of malware
  • Check if screenlock is enabled to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your device when you walk away

· One min read

Web Experience

We've rebranded the web experience to provide more information for users and provide clear actions for users to act upon and get their devices secure!

· One min read

Filtering on email

To scope your policies to specific (groups of) users, you can now use an email whitelist to specify email or domain for users that should be included. Useful during during your first onboarding when you want to try out XFA with a small set of people!

Note: leaving the field empty will apply the policy to all users (which is the default).